Hilcorp Alaska COVID-19 Response Resources

Updated: 04/23/2021



·         Remote Field Access Protocols have been updated to reflect changes for “fully vaccinated” passengers in alignment with CDC and Alaska DHSS guidance. Please see Remote Field Access review the email from Laura Green sent on 5/20/2021; contact your Hilcorp supervisor or Safety Specialist with any questions.

·         At-home (L48) COVID-19 Test Program Discontinued - Hilcorp no longer sponsors at-home COVID-19 tests (our Sterling Check/Vault program is ending) effective 5/1/21.

·         Disaster Pay Changes were announced effective 4/1/2021 limiting the situations where Disaster Pay is available to Hilcorp Alaska employees.

CWPP Applicability to Employees & Contractors:

·         The currently Approved Community-Workforce Protective Plan (CWPP) has been revised to reflect recent policy changes. Contractors are required to follow their own company’s CWPP approved by the State under Health Order 6 (formerly Health Mandate 10) but those cannot be less restrictive unless approved by Hilcorp. It is your responsibility to understand CWPP requirements that apply to you.


·         Remote Field Access Protocol Update Rev 2 flyer: Brief description of requirements for travel to remote field locations (CIO platforms & North Slope) for vaccinated & unvaccinated passengers.

·         North Slope COVID-19 Testing Window: Describes time window for COVID-19 testing prior to travel to remote field locations. Fully vaccinated passengers are no longer required to test.

·         Anchorage Office Access Protocol and current office COVID-10 policies: (update - if you are vaccinated, you are no longer required to test prior to returning to work after travel).

·         Approved COVID-19 Tests Types: List of COVID-19 tests types that Hilcorp Alaska will accept for remote field location access purposes.

·         Alaska Airport Testing Locations: Location and hours information for Hilcorp Alaska sponsored pre-travel testing provided in Alaska prior to travel to remote field locations.

·         Health Log: You can use either the PDF Format Health Log or the Excel Format Health Log.

·         Close Contact Log: PDF Format CC Log.

·         Contacts for Support: Who you can call for different types of COVID-19 questions

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North Slope Testing COVID-19 Testing Window:

·         FULLY VACCINATED PASSENGERS are no longer required to take a COVID-19 test prior travel to remote field location. All other COVID-19 protocols are still in place and must be followed regardless of vaccination status. You may still elect to test at an Alaska Airport Location at your discretion.

·         NON-VACCINATED PASSENGERS are still required to take a COVID-19 test prior to travel to remote field location. Hilcorp will continue to provide testing at Alaska Airport locations.

o   Milne / Northstar Endicott L48 based travelers:

§  All passengers on the Hilcorp charter that have been out of state in the past 14-days and billeted at these locations must get a rapid COVID-19 test in Alaska within 24 hours of charter departure even if they are L48 based and have had a pre-travel a test in the past 72-hours. 

o   Prudhoe L48 based travelers:

§  All Prudhoe passengers on the Hilcorp charter that have been out of state in the past 14-days billeted in Prudhoe Bay (i.e., MCC, BOC, PBOC, etc.) do not need a rapid test in Alaska within 24 hours of day of departure to slope IF their pre-travel test was collected within 72-hours of the charter departure.

o   AK RESIDENT COVID TESTING WINDOW: AK residents are not granted additional time between taking your test and traveling to the North Slope. The expectation is that if you reside within driving distance of the Anchorage airport, Fairbanks airport, or Beacon’s Kenai area testing locations you take the rapid test provided within 24 hours of your flight. If you choose to take a PCR or other approved lab processed test you may be retested at the airport.

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Approved COVID-19 Test Types:

Hilcorp will accept molecular-based SARS-CoV-2 tests which detect the presence of viral RNA (genes) including:

·         Reverse transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (rt-PCR, for example: TaqPath used by Sterling Check/Vault, Cepheid GeneXpert, KingFisher System, ABI 7500 system),

·         Transcription Mediated Amplification (TMA, for example: Hologic Panther system), and

·         Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification (for example: Abbott ID-NOW).

Hilcorp will not accept antibody or antigen tests for travel at this time. Return-to-Work testing after COVID-19 exposure (i.e. “Close Contact”) must be an rt-PCR test; Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification and Transcription Mediated Amplification are not accepted for Return-to-Work for close contacts.

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Airport Testing Locations:

The following Alaska locations operated by our 3rd party healthcare partner, Beacon OHSS, are available for pre-travel COVID-19 testing:

·         Anchorage Airport:

o   Monday – Friday, 4am4pm (the latest you can arrive for testing is 3:30pm)

o   Located at the far end of the departure concourse (past Grizzly’s Pizza) before TSA security

·         Fairbanks Airport:

o   Monday – Friday, 7am4pm, Monday – Friday (the latest you can arrive for testing is 3:30pm)

o   Located by Baggage Claim #2 before TSA security.

·         Kenai Area:

o   By appointment only Monday – Friday, 8am -4pm. Call 907-283-3054 to schedule testing.

o   Clinic located at 450 Daubenspeck Circle, Kenai, AK 99611

·         Mat-Su/Palmer Area:

o   Mondays & Tuesdays ONLY from 10am4pm, no appointment necessary

o   Beacon Mobile Unit located at Northern Industrial Training (NIT) 1740 Terrilou Court, Palmer, AK 99645

·         CIO Platform Support Location (note, this location is operated by Odyssey Family Medical):

o   OSK Heliport

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Contacts for Support:

The best contact depends on the type of question / issue you have.

First stop is your direct supervisor / facility foreman or your local Safety Specialist!

For any questions that remain:

·         CWPP and Travel Protocol questions (non-medical): Laura Green, Alaska Safety Manager  (907-777-8314)

·         Illness and Return-to-Work (medical) questions: Occupational Health Nurses, Carly Bales/Joy Kirkland (346-237-2191) or Lacey Strange (907-777-8494)

·         HR and compensation questions can be directed to your HR Representative.

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